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Welcome to the Minnesota Vortex/A's College Recruiting Information site.

Our goal is to provide the necessary information to help our players and families prepare for and work through the college recruiting process.  Please use the navigation bar on the left or click on the links below to access information for each of these respective areas.


Minnesota Vortex/A's Player Profiles

Access player profiles for all Minnesota Vortex & A's players that have created them.

Recruiting Statistics

Gain insight into the odds of athletes playing in college and the number of college scholarships awarded at the different levels of college play. 

College Recruiting Has Changed

Learn more about how social media and college showcase tournaments are used for recruiting.

College Recruiting Timeline

Learn what players can do in 8th through 12th grades to prepare them for the opportunity to play in college.

Know the Recruiting Rules

Become familiar with the rules for players, parents, and college coaches with regards to contact with each other.

NCAA Eligibility Center

Access information provided by the NCAA to ensure you are eligible for the NCAA.

SportsRecruits Platform

Learn more about the platform used by our players and coaches to access college coaches and begin communication with them.