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According to scholarshipstats.com, 1 in 12 high school softball players will play Varsity softball at some level in college, but only 1 in 61 will play at the NCAA D1 level.  To put that in perspective we have approximately 120 girls playing for the MN Vortex/A's this season and the odds state that only 1-2 of them will have the opportunity to play D1 softball.  It is important to be realistic with your daughter's capabilities during the recruiting process. 


The number of scholarships varies depending on the organization.  Softball is an equivalency sport which means 12 D1 scholarships can be divided by 20 players on the roster.  Full ride scholarships to play college softball are extremely rare.  In addition, it is important to ask a coach the level of  scholarship funding they have been allocated.  The maximum number of scholarships for a NCAA D1 school is 12, but a college program may be only funded for 8 scholarships which would likely lesson the scholarship amount your daughter would be offered. 

  • NCAA DI program can offer up to 12 scholarships per team
  • NCAA DII programs have up to 7.2 scholarships per team
  • NCAA DIII are not allowed to offer athletic scholarships
  • NAIA have up to 10 scholarships per team
  • NJCAA have up to 24 scholarships per team.

The average scholarship is $6,341 across all the divisions with NCAA D1 averaging $18,267 a year.  NCAA D3 is not able to offer any athletic scholarships, but you can receive academic scholarships from the college.


Types of offers you may receive from a college coach:

- Recruited Walk On

- Books Scholarship

- Partial Scholarship

- Full Tuition Scholarship