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Our indoor facility is called The TCOS Training Center (near 14420 21st Ave N Plymouth, MN 54477).  It was constructed in 2019 and is the home of the Minnesota Vortex & Minnesota A's program.  The facility includes 2 collapsable batting tunnels, multiple pitching lanes, an open area for defense and throwing, a workout area, and an area to review videos.  Our pitching machine can also throw any kind of movement pitch.





We utilize fields in the central and western metro, but we are the only elite club to have a long term agreement on home fields, The Loretto Athletic Complex (near 300 Lorenz Street Loretto, MN 55357).  The Minnesota Vortex & A's program partnered with the City of Loretto in 2021 on a 10-year agreeement to make these our home fields and work together to make some monumental improvements.  Some improvements in Spring of 2021 were: turning Phil Tabery field (former soccer field) into a softball field with a permanent 200' fence, renovating the concession building and bleachers and finishing them off with A's and Vortex colors, and starting the construction of a warm up area complete with batting tunnels and bullpen area.  Next on the to-do list is: complete the batting tunnels and bullpen area, improve 6 dugouts across all 3 fields, replace some asphalt surfaces, make some lighting improvements, and other smaller tasks to make our home complex a pristine and wonderful place to play in the Western Metro. 

     Walkway into the Complex                                                                                A's building and Vortex bleachers



Phil Tabery field (new field)                                                                               Phil Tabery field



Future batting tunnel and bullpen area                                                           Harry Smith field



Bob Koch field                                                                                                      View of complex from Bob Koch field



Playground in the entryway                                                                              Loretto Athletic Complex borders Arnold Klaers Field, Home of the

                                                                                                                               Loretto Larks Townball team




TCOS and Loretto Athletic Complex are our own but we also rent facilities and fields in Plymouth, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Chanhassen, Edina and Bloomington to cover all needs and to serve our players all over the metro.


Photos by Stan Waldhauser, Digital renderings by Eric zumBrunnen.